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Kolossal Killer (Original) PDF

  • The ORIGINAL effect, principle and method by Kenton Knepper
  • Use an ordinary wallet
  • No equivoque required

Kolossal Killer has long been one of Kenton's favorite and most beloved creations. Unfortunately, many versions sell for over one hundred dollars... Not any more!

What is Kolossal Killer? Spectators just NAME a playing card, and you have the correct card in your wallet! YOU ARE ALWAYS CORRECT! It is the ultimate card "out" for close-up work. A spectator can mess with you all they want - RELAX - you can still produce a playing card from your normal wallet, as absolute proof that you knew their card all along!

Kolossal Killer has become a classic piece of mentalism as well - used by such pros as Larry Becker and Jeff McBride. It's a full blown stage effect, with nothing but the minds of the audience and your everyday billfold!

NO Forces. NO Gaffed Wallet. NO Sleight of Hand, NO 52 Card Index (Not 26 cards either)... Whatever they name, you are right!

Simple, direct, awe inspiring magic and mentalism - the kind you have come to expect from Kenton Knepper.

Kolossal Killer has become a true classic of mentalism and magic. Its effect and method are legendary. Killer has been performed on television, stages all over the world, at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in bars and living rooms - all to staggering effect.

This stunner couldn't be easier or more diabolical. Only a very select few have been privy to Kenton's original version of Killer - until this release. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

Get the complete original work with all the devious touches in this manuscript (just add your own billfold and cards). Forever more you will have a truly ground-breaking reputation maker, not "up your sleeve", but in your own wallet.

PLUS order now and get an amazing Bonus Presentation and Method.

David J. Greene's Kolossal Predicition almost ensures a standing ovation and makes Kolossal Killer play in large stage situations with even more happening in the midst of the audience. An additional kicker may be had - right out in the middle of the audience - with this version. Get this special bonus FREE, for your eyes only, when you order Kolossal Killer PDF direct from us below.


  1. Kolossal Killer Book 2009 Version (242 KB)

  2. Kolossal Killer Prediction Bonus (77 KB)

Tags Magic, Mentalism
Media Type Digital Lesson

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