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Q - The Secret Influence in PDF Download


Yet another work that launched so many different products and books is now available for instant and immediate access in PDF Format here at last.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn to do in "Q" :

*Spectators seem to go into a trance and follow subliminal or telepathic suggestions made by the performer.

*The performer has a spectator imagine a card and bit by bit the performer tells the spectator exactly what card she is envisioning. No pumping or failure.

*Spectators get intuitive answers from the "spirit world" and even they are not sure how they know the answers. They may also get answers by gazing into a crystal ball, or a crystal cube. An entire act may be developed based on these principles and applications.

*Being sure the spectator is not a vampire, the spectator can see the future in a mirror, or call out revelations, as well as (usually) see themselves. They can also name a card by staring into the mirrored surface of a card clamp. Seems like anything can be used.

* Spectators become intuitive or psychic - Make important clients like the boss or host out to be the big star. They'll love you forever! (Secretly you get all the credit anyway)

*Keith Barry tips his on stage and television use of the "Q" and "X" principle. This stunned you in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and on TV. Now you can do it yourself!


*Discover Kenton's "Three Way Billet" hallucination method.

* Learn Dual Reality Ploys as only the creator of the term can teach them.

*Revealed are numerous additional Kenton ploys used by others on television and on stages around the world.

You are bound to discover at least several items you will be able to actually use in this book, as well as learn the inside secrets of untold numbers of performers both pro and hobbyist.



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