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X - The X Factor Secrets in PDF Download


The work that launched so many different products and books is now available for instant and immediate access in PDF Format !

Here is a sample of the effects you can do with "X". Once you learn the principle and how Kenton applies it you too will be able to use the "X Factor" in many different ways.

*With no force at all, a spectator avoids drinking a poisoned bottle (or glass) of water. The spectator has completely free choice over which of the bottles to choose. Still, they avoid the deadly bottle or glass every time.

*A watch is handed to someone you have never met before. They are told to "gaze into the crystal - the watch crystal!" and set the watch to a different time they see there. It seems no one could know what the time is now, but the performer has predicted this ahead of time - and everything may be carefully examined.

*"X-Ray Glasses" allow a spectator to reveal what is inside a sealed box, a card in a woman's blouse, and more. Let your mind run wild and choose your own presentation!

*Kenton's spoon bending bit that has a spectator seeing which silverware has more energy than another before doing metal bending. The spectator may be in a trance, but they calmly and assuredly say that one piece of silverware obviously has more positive energy to it - and yes they can see it clearly! This simple bit has fooled many of Kenton's students and peers. You won't believe how this works.

*Kenton's use of "Black Paper" as a non-impression impression device, a non-nail writer writer and more. Others have very slightly adjusted some of these items and sold them as their own for more money than the costs of this manuscript.

*Docc Hilford's "Transcendental Traveler" in which a spectator goes on an imaginary vacation to different towns, in any order they please - and the performer has predicted it all long ahead of time. In fact, the prediction has been sealed and in front of the audience the entire time with no switches whatsoever. This effect was also marketed separately.

*David Greene's "Crystal Revelation" - yet another marketed effect originally available from Kenton and in this book! You'll also learn Kenton's Pendulum Force for cards that he created in the 1970s and which has since made its way into many other people's original marketed effects.

If you get the idea that this manuscript contains much that was marketed later by others, inspired countless new tools and ideas, you'd be correct. But there's still much more to uncover for yourself!

Additional classic Kenton ploys and effects are tipped here. If you ever wondered why Kenton was pictured in old artwork with a crystal ball having lightning flashes coming out of it... well it's not as innocent as it appears. Find out the real secret and more in this foundational work.

Short and sweet, easy to learn, with much to gleefully ponder - now at the best price ever in PDF format.


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