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Secret Scentsations in PDF Download


With this work a new type of performance was created. At last performers could incorporate the least used of the five senses into trance illusion and mentalism performance. Many followed based upon this original, breakthrough work. Now available for instant and immediate access in PDF Format !

Here is some of what you will learn:

* Sunny Beaches is an effect where a spectator imagines a trip to a secret location. When the visualization is over, the spectator is found to have proof of their secret travels -like sand in their shoe.

*Developed Thoughts by Brandon Bell A spectator is asked to imagine something vividly. They are to just imagine this object and get a clear sense of it. The performer puts a Polaroid camera to the spectator's head and takes a picture of her mind. The film comes out of the camera and the spectator says she was thinking of a flower. A FLOWER is exactly what is on the film! With just a bit of thought this can be adjusted to modern digital cameras and cell phone cameras too.

*Kenton's "Orange You Sure?" is a very twisted effect and method. Cards of different colors are placed into envelopes and mixed around by the spectator so no one knows which colors are where. The spectator is now told to SMELL THE COLORS through the envelope to find which colors are in which envelope. Sure enough, the spectator uses smell and finds the red color, the blue color, smells orange, and so on. In a hypnosis show this is realistic proof of trance. In mentalism or magic, it is a very strange effect of mystical power over and influence.

*Heightened Awareness is more proof of an altered state as a spectator swears they can smell a candy wrapper hidden by other spectators in a series of boxes. The spectator can find the candy wrapper every time by scent alone - though no other spectator will think the wrapper smells like anything much at all.

*The Blindfold Sniff Test causes a blindfolded spectator to tell people all about the foods they smell in front of them - when there are no such foods at all... only thought projections!

All of this and more, including detailed additional resources are provided. If you are looking for something truly different, with effects unlike what most others do, or if you simply want to learn the secrets that inspired television and stage performances, this is for you.

This work includes methods both easy and those more daring. You are sure to find something here that catches your interest!


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