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Sherlock and Shells - PDF Download


What a fine Kombination!

In addition to the new "Sherlock Holmes Readings" by Richard Tenace you get the updated "Shells of the Seer" in this package deal. See the website elsewhere for the full description of The Sherlock (SHARE) Readings. Here is the rest of the info on the "Shells and Sherlock" package deal.

Over five years ago Kenton released a very limited readings set with special props. This is now a rare set to find and it was often misunderstood by non-readers.

Shells of the Seer by Kenton has now been updated with clear and concise instructions for readings. This work has been expanded so it may better be used as a personality readings system.

The "Shells of the Seer" effect works perfectly with the Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone. Combined, they are a real powerhouse.

In this special deal you get the Shells of the Seer 09 in its new expanded PDF format. No props are supplied as you can get your own sea shells or use any other prop you like with these new instructions. We do not currently sell this item in any other format separately. The only way you can get this now is in this very special package deal. Straight and to the point, Shells of the Seer takes you through the ins and outs of this readings effect, along with an enchanting bonus presentation, all in about eight pages of instruction. This is a bold, new and very different approach to doing psychic or psychological readings.


In this special package you also get Richard Tenace's Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone (S.H.A.R.E.) If you want to do more analytical, non-psychic, observational type readings, this work is for YOU. This material is also highly useful in psychic reading presentations. See our website for more on this item.

You Get BOTH Kenton's Shells of the Seer 09 Expanded and Honed In Edition and Richard Tenace's S.H.A.R.E. ebook, both in PDF download format, and both together for this amazing price when you order them at once using the order button below.

There are FIVE downloads to this special package. All are in PDF zipped format for quick and easy downloading.

Get in on this special package now for a truly unique readings experience and study. It's a one-two punch to usual ways of presenting readings.

A partial review from Jheff on this package deal:

I'm always asked what the best cold reading system is. And many who ask seem to feel that cold reading is a series of stock lines that you say. Of course, that's not it at all. Any cold reading is based on a system, such as palmistry, Tarot, graphology, etc. However, I do understand that when one asks this that they are looking for a system that can be used without any other tools.

... SHERLOCK & SHELLS by Richard Tenace and Kenton Knepper comes in at a very close second to the best readings material ever...I'll definitely rank this one as one of the tops.

The Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone (SHARE) is an approach that relies on the basic observation of people, just like Sherlock Holmes would have done. Several of these techniques have been published before, but Richard Tenace has combined them into one easy to follow manuscript which includes the way he does it. In other words, this is real-world work on the subject. For performers, this is also valuable because it will allow one to make casual and correct comments about participants while performing the effects.

Also included in this package is an updated version of Shells of the Seer. I've commented on this as a separate item, which is still available. The separate package contains the shells and this package contains only the manuscript, but it has been revised to include some new ideas.

Briefly, the shells are a very interesting prop to use, but the reading is of the colors of the shells. Each one is painted a different color and the choice of shells, or color, determines the reading. There is also an effect included with the shells. Kenton has gone over color reading quite extensively in his work and, I very much like this idea... (Jheff misunderstood that this was a package deal and that the advertising blurb above was only partial, with the rest of the information under the Sherlock Holmes Approach to Reading Everyone elsewhere on this website.)

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