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Equivoque Intensive

  • THREE Special Sessions for this low price.
  • Learn from Kenton Knepper, Pablo Amira, Tommy Burnett and others.
  • Special appearance possible by J. Tank at the last session
  • Each session was recorded live, so you get to see real time methods.

A real INTENSIVE on Equivoque by Kenton Knepper.

Learn approaches, methods, and effects you cannot find anywhere else.

You only thought you knew all about equivoque. Just wait until you watch these three sessions. They will blow your mind, while making this tool more effective and easier than ever before.


Some of the tricks you will learn in these sessions:

  • Quarter is Heads Up (Kenton's version)
  • Find The Poison Sugar
  • My Easy Metal Bend
  • Give Me My Phone!
  • Now I Know You
  • Winning Caps
  • Give and Take
  • Lucky 7s
  • More

Three special sessions for one low price. These sessions were recorded live, so you learn by watching real world presentations, but also learn from other students successes and common mistakes.


Be sure to sign into your account at WonderWizards or make an account BEFORE you order below. This will ensure you will get the recordings of all sessions in your account.

So many tricks require that you know how to do equivoque well. Most trick instructions, even video instructions, are not really clear or easy to follow.


Kenton understands word power and influence like no one else. He will work with you to be sure you know how to perform this powerful tool well.


What Is Equivoque?

It's a powerful way to influence people to choose whatever you want them to choose. Being able to force anything on anyone is an important skill.

You can predict almost anything, and get people to end up with that thing as their final choice.

If you have ever heard of "Magician's Choice" it is like that, but powered up to the nth degree.


This isn't some typical lecture on equivoque.

Each session is designed to help you perfect the necessary steps of equivoque easily, and clearly. No one else uses a system that can't fail to teach you what you need to know. Kenton has turned his system into three sessions, so you will learn each part clearly and quickly. His system makes that a sure thing.

Not only that, but you will learn from your fellow attendees, as well as from Kenton and his famous students. These interactions are invaluable.


Will I Learn Any Tricks?

Kenton will tip some of his popular effects using equivoque during these sessions. So yes, you will learn some useful effects and original approaches by Kenton.

We hope you will join us to learn the valuable tool of equivoque, because once you have learned how to do it well, you can create new tricks anytime - even if you think you are not creative!

Learning step by step how to use this potent tool will boost your magic and mentalism to new heights.


What More Should I Consider?

Where else can you learn directly with a Master of mentalism and magic on this subject?

Who is better positioned to teach equivoque than the Master of words and secret influence, Kenton Knepper himself?

This is a safe and friendly way to learn equivoque from the Master as he helps you directly in your own understanding and applying this powerful tool.


Do I Have To Already Know Equivoque? What If I Am A Beginner?  Or What If I Am A Master Of It Already?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner to equivoque, are not very good at it, if you are confused by it, can't grasp it, or don't know what it is.

These sessions will go right to the point, working with you step by step, so you will use this powerful secret of mentalism and magic well.

If you are already an absolute expert, then you might not need to attend. Our experience is that everyone learns something from Kenton when he teaches, from beginners to longtime pros.


Wait, Is That $125 For Each Session?

We could have easily charged that price for one session with Kenton Knepper on this subject.

If you booked Kenton for only an hour of learning it would cost you far more than the price of this three session package.

The great news is that it is only $125 total for everything, including ALL THREE of the live Intensive sessions recordings.


What Do I Need To Do Now?

Two things.

First, be sure to log into your account at If you don't have an account yet, create one.

To do that, CLICK HERE or go to: if you are not already logged into your account here.

Second, once you have created your account and have signed into it, and only after that, click on the order button below.

That's it!

Your session videos will be instantly available in your MEDIA tab files in your WonderWizards account!


How Long Is Each Session?

Each session is about 2 hours long. The third and final session is about 2 1/2 hours long.


Learn Kenton's special system so you can do equivoque easily, convincingly, and naturally.

Besides, the effects in these sessions alone are worth more than the price!



  1. Equiv Session 1

  2. Equiv Session 2

  3. Equiv Session 3



  2. The Finger (94 KB)

  3. THIS Finger (94 KB)

  4. Equivoque Suggestion (4.11 MB)

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