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TAROT Intensive

  • Starts July 20 - Reserve a place now!
  • Four full sessions for one special
  • Learn actual tarot symbolism
  • Do Tarot without memory
  • No "making things up"
  • Begin doing readings right away


This Intensive happens on four Saturdays: July 20, July 27, August 3, and August 10, 2024

2 P.M. Phoenix, Arizona Time

The Training is done live online via Zoom. Can't make it live to all of these sessions? No problem! These trainings will be recorded for those who sign up.


"I can't think of anyone more uniquely qualified to teach this. Fantastic." - Blair Gorman

Kenton is well-known for his deep studies and lifelong dedication to symbolism.

Kenton's work on Tarot has been THE go-to work that other teachers use to teach Tarot, but without the long study and real experience that Kenton has put in.

This is a very special opportunity to learn to do Tarot readings without having to memorize meanings. No making up meanings that an amateur Tarot student could instantly see through.

You will learn from Kenton's decades of study how to do Tarot readings well, quickly, and easily, in four sessions.

In fact, you'll have most of it down in two weeks or less!


What's Different About Kenton's Tarot Training?

Honestly, everything. There are three main ways people teach Tarot in magic and mentalism.

1. They talk history and debate origins.

2. They tell you it's all made up and you can make it up too.

3. They try to teach based on what they learned from watching Kenton teach.

Answer 1: No performer needs to get into debates about Tarot historical facts.

Answer 2: Any person outside of magic and mentalism who learns Tarot at all can see right through the nonsense magicians and mentalists make up. It's painful to see such people claim to know anything at all about Tarot.

Answer 3: Why not learn direct from the source, not from a person who took notes while Kenton was teaching?


What Will I Learn?

You will learn real esoteric meanings behind Tarot, and how easy it is to remember them when you know the inner meanings.

You will learn how to quickly do both Major and Minor Arcana Tarot readings without needing to memorize things to say.

You will do honest Tarot readings that can help people as well as entertain them. You will NOT be a "fortune-teller" nor will you "give advice."

You will NOT be a "con artist" doing "cold reading" under the guise of Tarot. You will learn real symbolic meanings, and use those without memorizing them all.

You will be a fascinating person with real insights about life and the world, while transforming people's minds with symbols.


Can I Apply This to Magic Tricks Too?

This works with playing cards as well. Not the same old mentalist associations to playing cards that are made up by other mentalists mind you, but the true deeper meanings only the most serious students of symbolism know. Now you will too.


What Else Can I Learn?

If you wish to think, learn or remember a little bit, Kenton will teach you the inner secrets of planets and zodiac signs associated with the Major Arcana, deeper secret meanings of the Major Keys, which cards are specifically related to chakras according to ancient and hidden teachings, secret visual word associations that fit with the Major Keys and much more.

You will even be given sample readings and various common spread layouts for Tarot so you have everything you need to begin doing accurate and educated Tarot readings right away.


But I Got Books From Mentalists On This Before

WE REPEAT. This is not the same old Tarot reading material as usually taught by mentalists and magicians who make up meanings, learn and teach each other based upon deception, or guess at card associations from things they learned in surface books or the internet.

This is NOT one of the plethora of "made up systems" by yet another mentalist or magician for Tarot.

This system is built by Kenton in accordance with the deepest insights and knowledge that Tarot offers based upon decades of intense studies by Kenton that continue to this day.

Lucky for you, Kenton has made all of this very simple and easy to perform, so you can literally begin doing your first reading right away.


Unlike Other Training and Teach-Ins

When you attend live you will have plenty of time to practice your readings with fellow students and with The Master himself.

What would you usually have to pay to learn this sort of thing from Kenton? This very special INTENSIVE gets you right into the real work, quickly, easily, and with hands-on help.

No one else can offer what Kenton teaches. Some of those considered best at teaching Tarot are only teaching what they learned from watching Kenton teach.

There are those who copy Kenton, and teach secondhand, but these are nothing at all like learning directly from The Master himself.






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