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Planet Pendulum

  • Direct from Kenton Knepper's current shows
  • Insider secrets only Kenton knows
  • Perfectly calibrated and responsive
  • BONUS: Pendulum Programming by Kenton
  • Only available right now in the U.S.

Begins shipping May 9th.

VERY limited quantities at any given time. Sorry, this currently ships only in the U.S. Detailed video instruction by Kenton will begin to show up in your account about one week after  your items are shipped to you.



Kenton's PLANET PENDULUM is based on an idea from Galileo. Over decades of working with it, Kenton has found the most visual, dramatic, and practical version of this unusual pendulum.

The PLANET PENDULUM can be worked anywhere. It's great up close. It's amazing as a stand-up piece. It's even played on some of the largest of stages with huge success.

A participant is shown a clear tube that can be seen though entirely. It is free of electronics or mechanics of any kind.

Three spheres glow with LED lights of differing colors.

A participant in the audiences focuses on one of the colored glowing spheres. Soon, THAT ONE SPHERE COLOR ONLY begins to move back and forth. The more the participant focuses their energy, the more it moves! Then the participant is told to pull their energy away from the sphere, and cause it to stop. IT DOES.

A participant focuses on another colored glowing sphere. Now this chosen sphere begins to move back and forth! The participant has a free choice of any sphere. The one they focus on begins to move, until it swings forcefully back and forth!

In the end, the participant is told to image a three-ring circus, or a crazy night out on the town with friends.  Soon ALL THREE spheres are dancing around in different ways: swinging, circling, going crazy in big and bold different directions. This looks insane!

The participant withdraws their energy and their thoughts, and the glowing spheres all settle back down.



The performer can give an amazing reading based on how the pendulums have moved for the participant.

This is really fascinating to any audience. Play it up as astrological, psychological, or as an energy reading.



The participant can THINK of one of the spheres without announcing to anyone which sphere they have in mind. When the participant admits that the one swinging is the one they are focusing on, the audience is really shocked.

The performer holds this three-fold pendulum the entire time. It is entirely under the performer's control. You CAN give it to the participant to hold and it will still respond! The thought about sphere will move as the person focuses their energy.



This is the prop exactly as Kenton uses himself. Three quality LED balls with replaceable batteries hang from a clear solid tube. You can change the colors of the LED spheres, and make them to be whatever best fits you and your performance.



You will get detailed teaching on video by Kenton Knepper. Kenton holds nothing back about the sneaky ruses and surefire methods he uses himself. You'll learn how to do the readings easily, how to make the spheres go wild, how to do the "mind reading" of a participant, and everything else important.

You will also get Kenton's PENDULUM PROGRAMMING eBook which sold for $40 alone and launched 1000 copycat pendulum books. This work contains more insights and possibilities on pendulum use than many of the books available today. This is a BONUS you get when you buy this prop. It literally tells you how to use a pendulum to reprogram people to feel better, and help themselves. This is the full on, detailed, original course that others tried to copy and mention the idea casually. The real original details are all here in Kenton's original work.



We are sorry, but we sell this only within the U.S. currently.  We don't make much money on this due to the costs of items involved, and shipping costs ruin what little profit we can make on this. It is available for a limited time because Kenton needed more backup props of this for himself.That is why we are offering it at all. Some lucky people will get this and the insider work Kenton does with it while we have some available. Get it while you can.


  1. Basic Set-up and Prop

  2. Basic Handling

  3. Colors

  4. Circus and Cheating?

  5. Color Reading

  6. Planet Mind Reading

  7. That's A Wrap


  1. READ FIRST before reading the book (1.30 MB)

  2. Pendulum Programming Book (2.01 MB)

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