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Kenton Principles Hardbound Book

  • Huge Hardbound Book
  • Sure to Be a Classic Reference
  • The Real Kenton Secrets of Performing
  • Learn The Principles and Everything Becomes More Powerful and Easier Too
I have had my thinking blown apart by this book. This book is incredible. Few books come along like this. It has consumed my reading and study for a lot of this past year. In sum - buy this !!  -- Steve Drury
Greatest book on the Mystery arts ever written!
-- Matt Overd


It's Here!

Rarely has there been a book like this. If you could only get ONE hardbound book to realize your dream of making magic and mentalism powerful, meaningful, memorable, touching, and impressive, this is THAT book.

Kenton Principles is Kenton's legacy of his most important principles in a hardbound book of almost 800 FULL SIZE pages.

These principles will radically shift everything you do in magic, mentalism, and even in daily life.

What if you could create powerful pieces of magic from old standard tricks? You will do that easily, with just one of Kenton's original systems.

Imagine being able to move around a stage, or a living room, and become more powerful just by knowing what part of the room or stage you are in.

Just think what you would do if you could make people feel deep emotions without resorting to storytelling, preaching, silliness, or NLP.


Have you ever had trouble putting together a routine, show or act?

Most of us struggle with figuring out how to fit things together and not do a show of just random tricks. Routining is hard. Deciding meaning is tricky. But everyone says you have to have a real routine, or show. Everyone says we should be more meaningful too. But they never can tell you HOW.

Kenton Principles is a book that tells you exactly HOW to do the things everyone tells you to do. Even better, you will learn how to do it all far more easily than all those wordy workshops and seminars are that you go to and spend a lot of money on.

Kenton Principles includes the complete material from Genuine Amazement, Anti-Tada, Mystery By Association, It's Suggestion, Secrets of Indirection, and more. The book includes new information by Kenton, new tricks, new presentations, and candid insights into Kenton you have never heard before.

You will also get more detailed explanations and additional material from Kenton, a special interview section with Kenton and Steve Wachner, a bonus book section with easy yet powerful routines by Kenton's student David J. Greene, and more.

Oh, did we tell you about the videos?



Because you are ordering directly from Kenton's teaching website, you'll get special videos that show Kenton demonstrating some of the principles in this huge volume. You'll see Kenton teaching in Las Vegas at the McBride Magic and Meaning events in several different years. These videos alone are worth the total cost if you apply what you learn from them. You may have special access to other additional videos as they happen too. You can only get these when you order now, on this page.

Be sure to create or sign into your account BEFORE you order, so you can access the videos instantly right after you pre-order!



Yes this book is HUGE. It costs a lot to ship it. But we will ship it anywhere at our cost, because we believe that you really should have this book. It is too important to let shipping costs get in our way. So shipping is on us, even when this book is a monster size!

KENTON PRINCIPLES has been YEARS in the making. A few lucky people got their hands on a first edition several years ago, that has since become a rare and treasured item. That version was quickly pulled due to typos, strange page numbers, etc. It has taken years to work out these issues with this giant book. Now it is finished at last.

Kenton himself says: "KENTON PRINCIPLES is my legacy book. It compiles and expands on my most important principles in magic and mentalism. It will be the go-to book for the application of my ideas to anything you perform, magic or mentalism. Once you know these principles, anything is truly possible."

This book WILL change everything you think you know about magic and mentalism. KENTON PRINCIPLES is like walking inside the mind of the Master, and being allowed to steal his thoughts on your way out.

NOTE: There will be a special PHOTO SCRAPBOOK BOOK you can additionally purchase that relates to Kenton Principles available elsewhere on this website. This is not required, but it does add some additional context and history as well as provide full color photos of some of the history told in KENTON PRINCIPLES.


Can You Autograph This For Me Kenton?

I apologize that I cannot sign books for you. They are not sent out from Phoenix. I will happily sign books in person at an event!


Oh,and I Want Some Special Oversight, Shipping Info, etc.

We cannot make special adjustments to the book or shipment for the same reason as detailed above, sorry. Lulu prints and ships these books and that part is out of our control. Please do allow for three weeks due to printing and shipping via Lulu. It is often quicker, and we pay Lulu to ship the quickest ways we can to your area, but sometimes it takes longer than usual. They tell us this is due to the. fact that the book is unusually large and pushes what they offer to the limit! Believe us, the material in this valuable book is well worth the wait! If you have any issues, please direct message Kenton on Facebook at:



  1. Genuine Amazement and Indirect Meaning Video

  2. Anti-Tada Talk in Las Vegas 2012

  3. It's Suggestion Video Talk by Kenton Knepper 2013, Las Vegas, McBride Magic and Meaning

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Decades of work and knowledge from one of the greatest mentalists!

    5 Stars

    800 pages! Think about that!

    A tome representing decades of work and knowledge from one of the greatest mentalists! I have mine and, even at 800 pages, I can't put it down!

    There is so much work here, so much wisdom, so much philosophy, that I will be spending years with this book just to begin to appreciate the treasure trove I now have!

    Tim Converse
    Santiago The Magician

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    It's a lifetime of concrete, valuable, applicable knowledge contained in one book.

    5 Stars

    My copy of "Kenton Principles" arrived this afternoon, and I was VERY impressed!!! Its nearly 800 pages of material that covers how to be a much different type of magician than most of us have ever even tried to be. This book contains not only methods for performance items, but more importantly, the attitudes necessary to make them genuinely effective.

    This is the book that saves serious students of the Art of Magic years of fumbling and fidgeting while trying to imitate the last magician he saw on "America's Got Talent." It's a lifetime of concrete, valuable, applicable knowledge contained in one book.

    And you are not to young or too old to learn from this volume. Kenton made sure of that. He set the type in a font large enough for a geezer like me to be able to read it without difficulty. If this book had been available when I was starting out, it would have made a major difference in how long it took me to figure out these principles for myself.

    Bill Palmer

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  • 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful

    Invest in yourself. I am glad that I did!

    5 Stars

    I have the first misprinted copy (very rare from years ago), so why would I invest in this new version? I did so because I am a student of Kenton and I did so as a matter of trust.

    My copy arrived today and I am so happy I listen to my intuition. If you are a student of Kenton, this is a must.

    If you want to dive into principles that will shape your life and performance, invest in yourself and purchase a copy.

    I know I am glad I did.

    Gregory Dwyer

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