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Subliminally Wild with Cards

  • A Card Effect Perfect For Our Times
  • Demonstrate the Power of Media and Party Influence
  • A Visual Stunner, Highly Entertaining, Yet With a Meaning
  • BONUS: Cards of Influence eBook as an instant download


Begins shipping April 6th. Limited amount in stock. Reserve what you can while you can.

Quick Overview: This is Kenton's version of Wild Card. It is not for complete beginners. It does take a little bit of sleight of hand but the routine is designed to make the one main move easier than ever.

The Script: The script can be about anything you want of course. In this case the script is about the influence of Media, Political Influence, the Internet, Social Media, the News, Talk Radio, Streaming, Big Brother, Government Interference, etc.

The Image: Rather than playing cards, this "Wild Card" is a set of blank cards with one card that looks like a TV or computer screen with a giant eye looking out of it. This image is a powerful black and white image that can also stand for the extreme views or "black and white" beliefs with no shades of truth in between.


Kenton first tipped this favorite routine of his in his book "Cards of Influence" which Jay Sankey called, "Such a gift!" The Cards of Influence eBook is also included in this item as a bonus!

Now, for the first time ever, Kenton is releasing his original routine with special graphic cards that make the effect an eye-popping, hilarious, yet powerful routine.



EFFECT: The performer says that influence is all around us, but that doesn't mean we are being influenced. "You might be watching your favorite brand of news, or listening to your favorite show on talk radio, or your most loved podcasts. You listen, but you are also doing other things. Your mind is focused on walking, or doing yard work, or driving, or eating...your mind is paying attention but it is relaxed...sort of a blank slate."

As the performer speaks blank cards are shown one at a time. SUDDENLY a large black and white graphic of a screen with a giant eyeball is on one of the cards.

"Just ignore that. It doesn't mean anything. Pay no attention to it. Just keep making your mind blank and listening to whatever you like."

The performer shows the rest of the card which are also blank.

"You saw something, maybe felt something a little off there, but you just ignored it. Good. I mean, how could that possibly influence you? It can't! Just ignore that weird black and white idea. Just relax and keep your mind open, don't be influenced."

The cards are seen as all blank again except for the one strange black and white graphic on one card. The cards are shuffled.

"Go ahead and use your free will. You have a completely free choice. I know you are too smart to be influenced by whatever weird thing you felt. You know better. Take any card but the one with that weird idea on it."

The participant chooses a card. Guess what? Yes...they freely end up taking the card with the strange graphic on it.

"That doesn't count. That was coincidence. It doesn't mean what you think it means. Ignore that. Let's try again."

Again the cards are shuffled with the one card graphic side down. The participant makes another truly free choice and turns over their card. One again, they get the screen with the eyeball graphic!

"You see, that's the thing. We hear and see things but we like to imagine they are not influencing us. We ignore those things. We are certain we are not being influenced. I tell you what. Just to prove you have a free choice and you are not being influenced at all, I will show you all of the faces. You simply pick any card except the one with the strange influence idea on it. Look at them all. Pull out ANY card that isn't the influence one. You are laughing because now you realize you cannot do it, can you? There is no way! You are very smart, and you were making sure you wouldn't be influenced, but now you realize it was all stacked against you! You can't do anything now, can you? And you see my friends, that is the problem."

The performer deals the cards down again, casually showing all sides. They cards appear blank except for the one influence card.

"We think we are being entertained, or educated, or both. We know there might be a little over-the-top wild influence in there, but we swear we are logical and not influenced by influence. But as you see...One the idea gets in spreads like a contagion."

The cards are turned over one at a time, and each and every card now has the screen-and-eye influence graphic on it.

"So, pay a lot more attention to what you are being told. You are being influenced. It doesn't matter which side you are on, or any other black or white point of view. If we can't come together and respect each other despite our differences, we are all going to be influenced...and not for the better. The cards will be stacked against us."

You can say as much or as little as you want. Just don't perform it for a politician. They won't like it. Everyone else will love it.

This can of course be performed as a straight bit of the influence of the magician on a participant, without any of the meaning mentioned.

ABSOLUTELY one of Kenton's favorite packet effect creations, now brought to life with the help of DANI MARKO. This routine is a combination "Wild Card" routine based in part with blessings from Frank Garcia back in the day, and other influences, including Kenton. The graphics and presentation turn this into an effect long to be remembered.

WHILE THESE LAST: You'll also get Kenton's book "Cards of Influence" as an eBook instantly when you order this item. That alone is worth the price. You get more than twice the goodies for this price. (This will be in your account files once you order. AS ALWAYS BE SURE TO MAKE OR SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AT WONDERWIZARDS.COM BEFORE YOU ORDER!) Your eBook will be in your account right away as long as you make or have an account (of course!) This is a ZIP file so unzip it if it does not automatically do so on your device. Unzip programs are common and free.


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