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  • Hidden Influence

    Hidden Influence

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  • Kentonism Videoism - Kentonism 3

    Kentonism Videoism - Kentonism 3

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • Do real magic by changing lives using magical videos in performance, after a reading, or on your mobile device
    • Open your show with striking mystical videos that relax, suggest and influence the audience
    • Be memorable as someone who has real mental powers and abilities
    • Magically help influence yourself for the better
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  • Lecture Download Package - Download PDF and Audio

    Lecture Download Package - Download PDF and Audio

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  • Kenton's Sphere

    Kenton's Sphere

    5.0 Stars
    Digital Lesson
    • It's not a trick for sale. It is a legendary piece, featured in the act of a legendary mentalist and real life wizard, and you can learn it only in person with him.
    • Kenton will train a very few sincere people his Sphere effect and methods in personal live training sessions, one on one.
    • You must order this and then book a date that works for you and Kenton. Training will be in person in the Phoenix, Arizona, USA area.
    • Kenton's Sphere can be performed in full light, with audiences very near, even outside, as shown in the photo.
    • Any questions? Just drop Kenton a message on Facebook, or email him at, and put SPHERE in the subject heading
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