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Kentonism Videoism - Kentonism 3

  • Do real magic by changing lives using magical videos in performance, after a reading, or on your mobile device
  • Open your show with striking mystical videos that relax, suggest and influence the audience
  • Be memorable as someone who has real mental powers and abilities
  • Magically help influence yourself for the better

I'm glad I took you up on recommending this and bought it, as this must be some of the strongest material you've ever put on the market Kenton!

Kephri Scarabus, Sweden

               (See the full review from the very first Student who purchased this at the bottom of this page.)



Kenton has been helping people for decades with symbolism and suggestion. He has released work with graphics, original multiple images, Kentonism 1 and 2, Signs of Influence 1, 2, and 3. Now he is allowing something very special out for a short time.

Sometimes real suggestion and influence is the most realistic magic and mentalism you can do. Helping people transform their lives for the better in mere minutes is real magic that people remember for life.

Kentonism Videoism is the perfect way to end a session of readings, mental influence help, or life coaching.

Take a moment or two to watch and listen to the symbolic video above. If you feel more relaxed, feel a little lighter, sense more wholeness within you or a connection of unity to life, or simply feel altered in a positive way, then you'll understand why these pieces, and the behind the scenes work with them, are must-haves for sincere mentalists, magicians, suggestionists, hypnotists, and life coaches. 

Tricks too? Yes. Kenton has included his videos to use with the original Kentonism book and psychological forces, as well as a few videos you can use with playing card forces. The main point here though is working with real influence and suggestion to help people help themselves through symbolism, powerful imagery, suggestion, subliminals, and sound.

It is important to be able to live up to the titles of "Mentalist" and "Magician" today. The Public imagines we know special things about the mind, and how to influence people. What if you really did that? What if you could really do that by pressing a button and having the right person watch the right video?

That, and more, is what Kentonism Videoism is all about.

You can use these videos to supposedly influence people to pick the right card, or Tarot imagery, or you can use the videos to help people lift their sadness, call out for the right love partner, tap into their inner wisdom, stop their mental spinning out, help someone ground to earth, open their consciousness, enliven their body, and more.

Kenton says of this release: " My intention was to give people tools I have used that work to help people. A couple of performance-based pieces too. This is an approach I have used for a very long time with regular people and clients. Performers can pay $30 a clip at video companies and get video images and combine them however they like. Add their own music too, and figure out the rhythms they need. This release however is intended to have the work already done for people, primarily so they don't need to spend ages learning symbolism, colors, sound influence, suggestion and esoteric suggestion the way I have."

This impressive set comes complete with online videos, downloadable versions of the videos for you to alter, the original Kentonism book in download format, and the original Kentonism graphics set, as well as 18 pages of insight and instruction. 22 downloads and 19 online videos.


See the complete Course on Kentonism, which includes this set and Kentonism 2, in our Courses section for an even greater price break on the full Course.

Your music, your mysticism, your healing ability, and of course your wizardly inspiration, is a blessing for all of us. - Jeff McBride


  1. Unity Integration Circle

  2. Sun Enlighten Compassion Lift Up

  3. Rejuvenation Cell Repair Deep Relax Alchemy Enlivening

  4. Light Transmission Above The Clouds Prosperity

  5. Creative Doorway Sub C C Integration

  6. Love Connection Relationship Callout

  7. Intention Setting Focus Sorting Out

  8. Center The Spin Inner Guidance

  9. Shamanic Journey 1 Grounding

  10. Ancient Wisdom Memory

  11. 8 Ball Tune Into Power

  12. 7D

  13. 6CID

  14. 6C

  15. 4K Sub

  16. 4K DIY Sub

  17. Kentonism Universal with Sound

  18. Kentonism Universal No Sound

  19. Kentonism English Version


  1. READ FIRST! Kentonism Videoism Book (2.40 MB)

  2. 4KDIYSub (115.96 MB)

  3. 4KSub (115.97 MB)

  4. 6C (30.24 MB)

  5. 7D (24.57 MB)

  6. 6CID (24.59 MB)

  7. Playing Cards DIY (12.27 MB)

  8. 8 Ball Tune Into Power (103.49 MB)

  9. Ancient Wisdom Memory (187.02 MB)

  10. Center The Spin Inner Guidance (126.30 MB)

  11. Creative Doorway Sub C C Integration (153.65 MB)

  12. Intention Focus Sorting Out (78.59 MB)

  13. Light Transmission Above The Clouds (131.01 MB)

  14. Love Connection Relationship Callout (150.10 MB)

  15. Shamanic Journey Grounding Integration (51.15 MB)

  16. Sun Enlgihten Compassion Lift Up (92.42 MB)

  17. Unity Integration Circle (60.98 MB)

  18. Kentonism English (36.57 MB)

  19. Kentonism Universal with Sound (45.29 MB)

  20. Kentonism Universal No Sound (44.22 MB)

  21. Kentonism Original Graphics (18.63 MB)

  22. Kentonism08 (997 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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    This must be some of the strongest material you've ever put on the market Kenton!

    5 Stars

    I'm glad I took you up on recommending this and bought it, as this must be some of the strongest material you've ever put on the market Kenton!

    Thank you for your willingness to do so!

    Pure Magic that can be used for so many reasons, but also to end readings--giving the client something to remember both the reading and programming positive vibrations for them, as well as for meditations and personal introspection... Wonderful!

    Kephri Scarabus Sweden

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