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Dunninger's 2 Plus

  • Complete 3 phase routine of Mind Reading, mental influence and clouding the mind.
  • The full routine that has fooled mentalists and laypeople that Kenton has kept to himself.
  • All new material never tipped by Kenton before.
  • KNOW what card a person will be thinking of, even predict it, before they have taken their card from a deck.
  • Includes "A Touch is a Connection" in which a couple surprise each other, and the mentalist surprises everyone.
  • New and classic Kentonism psychology that fools regular people and performers alike.
  • Memorable and meaningful mentalism using nothing more than a deck of cards.
  • An brief essay on why cards can and do work in mentalism, and how not to be fooled into not using them.

Kenton has fooled many mentalists and magicians with the material in this work.

A full three phase routine, and more, with a deck of cards and apparent mental influence.

Phase One: A participant cuts a deck and looks at any card they cut to, then burries the card in their cards, without the mentalist touching these cards. This is a free choice. Still, the mentalist offhandedly names the thought of card. This stuns the participant and all onlookers. But the mentalist is just warming up.

Phase Two: A participant again looks at a new card and is sure that it is lost in the rest of the cards. The mentalist makes a few odd sounding suggestions to the participant, but never touches the cards. The participant looks through the cards in their hands and no longer sees their card. This is utterly impossible. Mental fogging makes the participant swear they cannot see the card that they had in mind. The mentalist removes a Joker from the cards and places it into a pocket. Snapping the participant out of their trance, the mentalist asks what card was placed into his or her pocket. The mentalist says that in fact the participant's card is what has always been in the pocket, and names the thought of card...then removes the thought of card from the pocket. NO sleight of hand required.

Phase Three: The participant looks at a new card and is sure to lose it in all the rest of the cards. Wise people wonder if this card is still in the deck now. Instead, the performer simply names the card using Mind Reading, with no guessing or pumping of any kind.


Also included are bonus effects and routines that are unique to Kenton.

Patterns of Life uses a supposed secret formula the mentalist shares with the audience to know what others will do ahead of time. This uses a seemingly impossible three or four card type of revelation without sleight of hand. The prediction is made in advance of what will happen. A surprise kicker at the end names the exact card a participant has behind their back, even when they do not know yet what that is. You will be thrilled with all you can do with this simple system, and how easy, and automatic, it is to perform.

Backlash 2: A variation on Kenton's famed Backlash effect using a new method and kicker that will surprise even those in the know.

A Touch is a Connection: Two people touch cards and peek at them. The performer makes sure the skeptical party has had a completely free choice, and may change their mind as much as they like before continuing. The performer suggests that the couple whisper to each other the cards they have in mind. A very surprising thing happens when they do so. This makes for wonderfully intimate moments between a couple. The mentalist then names a card that was taken out of the deck before the experiment began. It turns out to be...well, you can guess this impressive finale.

Here is material that has impressed and fooled peers and friends such as Larry Becker, Robert Merlin Davis and Bryce Kuhlman. We are thrilled to say that at last these full routines, new methods and original thinking are being revealed.




  1. Dunninger's 2 Plus (13.44 MB)

Tags Mentalism, cards, mind reading, psychology
Media Type Digital Lesson

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