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Headline Prediction Luca Volpe (PDF Download)



"This is an amazing yet practical solution to a modern headline prediction, or any other major prediction you wish to make. You may predict in detail anything you wish. The real secret here is Luca Volpe's I.T.M. principle which I predict will thrill you simply by pondering its power and possibilities, not to mention how deviously it works as an impossible yet always accurate prediction. I am proud to call Luca Volpe a true Student and things such as this proves out why I feel that way!" - KENTON KNEPPER

Luca Volpe’s Headline Prediction


The host of an event (or any participant) brings on stage an envelope signed by them the week before, along with that day's newspaper or tabloid magazine. From the current newspaper or magazine the host chooses a page which is torn into many pieces. From these pieces the host chooses one piece of paper. From this one piece of paper the host chooses a few words and writes them on a board.

Now for the moment of truth. The host opens the envelope and finds within it a DVD. This DVD is put into a DVD player. The actual video on the DVD shows the performer predicting the headline of the newspaper PLUS the chosen words of the host!

Important points:

* The envelope is signed and not switched.

* No stooges of any kind are used.

* The host brings the envelope to the stage and the performer NEVER touches the envelope.

* The host can play the DVD in their own DVD player. Neither the DVD or the DVD player are gimmicked in any way.

* No pre-show work except for the host signing the envelope a week or more before the show.

* The host is amazed by this as well as the audience.

For the first time ever Luca Volpe will share his INTERRUPT TIMEFRAME MODE a “mind-blowing psychological concept” which is responsible for this effect.

What is the I.T.M. (INTERRUPT TIMEFRAME MODE)? It is a psychological principle that permits you to change the spectator’s thoughts of the proper tracking of a sequence in their mind.

The prediction may be made on a memory stick, piece of paper or other items. Luca and Kenton feel that the video aspect is the strongest application, though other possibilities are available once you understand the basic principle and simple working.

Complete with additional notes by Kenton himself, including how to name an image in the mind of the helper on the DVD that surprises the audience and the on stage helper. This image is never spoken about or asked to be thought of, yet you predict on the DVD the image the person has in their mind (really) without pre-show, stooges or Dual Reality, along with the words called out and the headline prediction.


* NO tricky electronics or other mechanical issues that might go wrong

* NO special DVD players or other technology to make or buy. (Obviously you will need a way to record and burn a DVD if you are making the DVD prediction. Other than that, nothing special is required.)

* NO switches of envelope or any sleight of hand required at all.

* NO the host or participant is NOT "in on it." They are impressed by the prediction, as is the audience as a whole.

* YES the envelope is the same one signed by the real participant or host a week before the show.

* YES the DVD played may be taken home by the participant or host as a souvenir.

* YES what is on the DVD is really on the DVD and not piped in from elsewhere or recorded on the DVD while it is playing, or any of the other usual ploys with DVDs. Other items may be used other than DVDs too.

* YES you will always be correct, and you will never need worry.

* YES the only work is making a video prediction really. The rest is done by amazing psychology and the I.T.M. principle.

THIS IS VERY NOVEL AND OUT OF THE TYPICAL WAY OF THINKING. It is easy, practical, entirely reliable and commercial! Forget trying to guess the method because to tell you the whole thing here is for you to miss the real work hidden in this ingenious psychology. Be prepared for real "out of the box" thinking, that is entirely successful and highly commercial.

We predict you will love this...even if you only want to learn the deviousness of the method and principle used, and never perform this effect. Chances are you WILL perform this effect because it is perhaps the easiest headline prediction to manage.

Kenton was very impressed with Luca Volpe's work here which has fooled all the performers who have seen Luca make his predictions around the globe.

Now you can do it too...and it is easier than you think.

If you don't yet have it, we HIGHLY SUGGEST you also GET KENTON'S "PERFECTED PREDICTION" to go along with this one. The two will give you numerous options anytime you want to make any sort of important prediction without great effort or strain. See PERFECTED PREDICTION, a forerunner to this and many other modern predictions, also as a download on this website only.


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