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Tullock - The Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic

  • Kenton cites this book as THE explanation for how to do the Classic Force. This book is referenced in many modern books on the Classic Force.
  • Tullock invented Trade Show magic. If you want to perform at Trade Shows or work for companies, this book is a MUST own.
  • Learn important secrets from Tullock including how to develop a powerful but natural voice, how to associate simple tricks with meaning, and more.
  • Learn the real psychology of attracting an audience, traffic flow, getting people into your booth, where to position yourself, and more at a trade show.

It's been 20 years since we wrote it, and it is constantly referenced in modern works. The trouble is, you could rarely get your hands on it.  This is the book that details how to do beliavable and surefire Classic Forces, the correct way to do a Top Change, the original in the hands false riffle shuffle, and highly commercial, easy to do, card material.

But people who think this is a card or Trade Show book miss the real gems in this work.  I have fooled countless names in mentalism using the tools in this book.  The secrets in this book, along with what I teach in my work Direct Control, is how I force bills, postcards, envelopes, billets, bags, credit cards, books, almost anything and everything, in mentalism. - Kenton Knepper

Eddie Tullock was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by The Magic Castle. This is the only book that details what Tullock really did, and how.

Eddie Tullock started Trade Show magic and remained a leader in that field for over 50 years. No one else performed magic at a trade show before Tullock did. He created a million dollar enterprise with his personality and a deck of cards. 

Eddie Tullock knows how to sell an effect with never ending power and energy that sends them away with brains bleeding. He has an understanding of people and can read his audience from all directions...  He fools people, he thrills them, and he brings them back begging for more. I have watched him do this for more than twenty years and have never seen him fail...  He taught me that a trick  has to have a meaning; that if you give people a reason to believe, they will believe. No one, NO ONE mind you, can present a card act with force and excitement as well as Eddie Tullock...  To the readers of this book, you are indeed in for a rare treat. - Mike Rogers

But Tullock was not a cardman, not really. Tullock was a down-to-earth, make-it-pay-or-get-rid-of-it, type of person. It took Gene Urban and Kenton Knepper a long time to get these secrets out of Tullock. Paul Gertner, to name but one famous magician, cites Tullock's Classic Force work as the complete influence on his own Classic Force. Kenton Knepper took great pains to model and then make simple Tullock's Classic Force secrets, so that others could use them.

Eddie Tullock autographed a book to Kenton saying:

Thank you for explaining my Classic Force so that even I can understand what I am doing.

Now you can learn how to do a Classic Force, even if you thought it was impossible before.

There is so much more to learn from this book however. Take a look at some of the contents:

What Makes A Professional

Fine Tuning Your Act

Attracting Your Audience

Who Hires You?

The Four and One Half Trick

Busted Transpo

Stop It Now!

Eddie's Easy Control

Eddie's Modified Control

Eddies Technical Top Change

Eddie's Breakthrough Shuffle

Eddie's Consummate Classic Force

There is much more of course.

70 pages on the inner secrets of the man who built a career and very good living performing for major companies.

Learn how you can do this too.

A powerful, direct, no bull, straight to the point book, just like Eddie Tullock himself.

No matter what you do, you WILL learn something useful by reading this book.

See for yourself why it is one of the most referenced books today, even though it had been out of print for 20 years and unobtainable until NOW.


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