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SOI 2: Signs of Influence 2 - Healing & Horror

  • Images help a participant heal issues
  • Beautiful images become ugly to a participant in a trance
  • Halloween images turn into powerful trances or bizarre imagery
  • Telepathic hypnosis causes participants to see hilarious things which are projected into their mind by the performer

"I was thrilled with this material! This is such a fantastic set! I’ve used this at spooky shows and even in my legendary ghost tours. Talk about “packs small and plays big!” Solid mystery entertainment!"
— Ed Underwood

A powerful tool that helps people heal themselves, creates memorable readings, and freaks people out...all in one set. A taste of both worlds in one.

(People are using this on their iPhone and cell phones so they can take this anywhere...)

You do NOT need to have Signs of Influence Part ONE to use this Part Two. This work stands on its own.

TWO main aspects to SOI 2:

  1. HEALING READINGS: In the process of doing a reading mystical healing images and a special process is used to help people move past problem issues in their life. This is real wizardry at its best.
  2. STRANGE TRANSFORMATIONS: Looking at simple pictures, participants see photos transform into frightening images, strange metaphors appear, and the stars of Twilight get really damn ugly, among other things.

You do NOT need to own Signs of Influence Part One to use this second part. You may find the first part useful here, but it isn't required.

A Few Of The Things You Will Do:

  • Create profound, positive change for people during your show or in a private reading. Kenton has kept this work with real people to himself until now. Find out the truly powerful wizardry of Kenton's inside use of SOI. A person names an issue they have and an envelope is opened to show a photo inside that strangely represents this concern. As the person looks at this photo new images come forth which work consciously and subconsciously to help this person heal their area of concern. No, we are not kidding. This was a HUGE HIT at McBride's Magic and Meaning 2010.
  • It's Also Fun! You appear to instantly hypnotize members of the audience and they hallucinate all sorts of things...seeing UFOs in a picture, Godzilla in Japanese art, spirits in a photo of an old mansion, a Chinese bar-b-que shop in a Halloween pumpkin, a doctor that turns out to be operating on himself, and more.
  • A Twilight Poster Becomes Haunted and the beautiful stars become the ugliest creatures in the world to the seemingly hypnotized audience members! The character Bella has a sewn-on face and Edward becomes a sadistic clown. What more could you want? There is loads to laugh about here for fans and haters of the Twilight movies alike. While very humorous, there is also deeper social commentary hidden in this piece.
  • Do Seeming Hypnosis and Realistic Suggestion With No Hypnosis At All.
  • Halloween images including a girl named "Candy" who seems to change costumes according to a tranced-out spectator and a witch that has sisters only the spectator can see, along with the jack-o'-lantern, UFO people, Godzilla, spirits and more appear to supposedly hypnotized people (they're not!) These may easily be used at times other than Halloween too, of course! Do Spirits, UFOs or Godzilla ever go out of style completely?
  • Non-readings and non-frightening effects too. A mess of playing cards photographed on a sheet seemingly turns into one card only that a participant sees repeatedly in the photo...and that card turns out to be another person's card.
  • Sound Waves pictured in a photo are accurately described...A participant sees sound waves and swears they can tell which one visual wave image is a violin, guitar, gong, amplifier, and many other things. Is it hypnotic hallucination or Kentonism Thought Transference?

There are fifteen very special secret images and a special Free Bonus of the "Twilight/Twi-dark" image, plus the 30 page instruction guide. Read the book, open up the sixteen jpg files and print out the ones you like, and you're set to perform. Your signs will never wear out as you can continue to print more.

Why this work is so important... Kenton on occasion releases his work that is very close to real magic and the healing arts. This is one of those rare pieces. We could, and may still in the near future, limit sales of this and mark it up to a price nearer to its worth...selling it for over a hundred dollars. This is not hype. Kenton insisted that we first allow it out at a very cheap price so that any customers who truly want to help others with their readings and performance work can afford to do so. If however we are correct in thinking people may undervalue or misunderstand this work, then we will insist that the price go up to reflect the serious power in the first half of this work.

  • If you want to just have fun with unusual images and trance illusion, poke fun at the Twilight phenom, want to do something different for a party or show, then the second part of this work is especially for you.
  • If you want to touch people, help others, move them, help people heal their own issues, make a lasting impact on others, do readings that help without offering advice, and have a new way of doing mentalism and readings, this is a most important work for you, without a doubt. The first part of this work is all about how to do just this.
  • If you want to do Kentonism, trance illusion or just have new signs for your Signs of Influence act, this set is for you too.

If you are a superficial performer and only clown around to do cute obvious tricks, don't get this. We're only joking a little. Otherwise, you're likely to find something important for you in this new set.

Perfect for therapists, life-coaches, counselors, readers and hypnotists as well.

Or get it just to do weerd and wild things with photos!

That said, it's all very easy to do...because it is built-in for you. Kenton has spent a huge amount of time and energy perfecting these images so you can perform them without effort. They just work. Kenton's done the hard part for you. Now all you have to do is play with them and discover their power for yourself.

17 Download Files In All!


  1. Signs of Influence 2 as Healing Reading


  1. SOI 2 Prosperity Consciousness Image (1.49 MB)

  2. SOI 2 Agents of Fortune Image (4.45 MB)

  3. SOI 2 Twi-dark Image (2.45 MB)

  4. SOI 2 Healing Heart Image (2.15 MB)

  5. SOI 2 Sound Vibration Image (627 KB)

  6. SOI 2 Candy Trick or Treat Image (3.18 MB)

  7. SOI 2 Which Witch Image (5.10 MB)

  8. SOI 2 Health Image (1.84 MB)

  9. SOI 2 Spirits Image (2.87 MB)

  10. SOI 2 Card Force Image (3.53 MB)

  11. SOI 2 Hypnotic Spiral Image (1.39 MB)

  12. SOI2 Strength Image (1.97 MB)

  13. SOI 2 Doctor Image (613 KB)

  14. SOI 2 Jack-o-lantern Image (1.88 MB)

  15. Signs of Influence 2 Book (390 KB)

  16. SOI 2 Sun Chakra Image (8.84 MB)

  17. SOI 2 Fraudzilla Image (6.29 MB)

Tags Magic, Mentalism, trance effects, Readings
Media Type Digital Lesson

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