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POWer Deck for Readings

  • Rare Deck from the Mind Reading Lessons
  • Very Limited Number
  • For Readings and Training the Mind

Begins shipping May 7th.

VERY limited quantities at any given time. Sorry, this currently ships only in the U.S. Detailed video instruction by Kenton will begin to show up in your account once your items are shipped to you, within a week of shipping.


What Is This Deck?

This bright and beautiful full color poker size deck consist of 54 cards, in a black velvet bag.

This deck is detailed in The Mind Reading Lessons Full Course. While artwork was supplied in the Course, this is a more vivid and vibrant deck, easy to handle, with a beautiful finish on the cards.

If you have the Mind Reading Lessons then you already know why you want these.

If you don't have the Mind Reading Lessons yet (and you should have them!) then here is a brief overview of what these cards do:

The POW Deck, or One Earth Deck, serves several main points:

  1. It is used for readings, forcing the participant to participate in secretly making the reading fit them.
  2. A way to jump start any kind of reading, or to give a simple two or three card quick reading.
  3. Trains the performer or reader's mind to think in terms of polarity.
  4. Training the mind to subconsciously absorb opposite readings that develop discernment, and allow instant reading ideas to come naturally to mind without memory.

The full weight and use of this deck can be found in the Mind Reading Lessons.

The purchase of this includes video training by Kenton on how to use this deck in readings, as well as how to implant the ideas into the subconscious to fully absorb and naturally apply these tools without conscious thought. The video teaching by Kenton and its unique design is where you will learn the full worth of this, along with the Mind Reading Lessons.



  1. Pow Video 1

  2. Pow Video 2

  3. Pow Video 3

  4. Pow Video 4

  5. Pow Video 5

  6. Pow Video 6

  7. Pow Video 7

  8. Pow Video 8

  9. Pow Video 9

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